Public Transportation

  1. Auburn Transit

    City of Auburn Public Works operates Auburn Transit. Auburn Transit is a deviated fixed route service that operates within the City of Auburn and portions of unincorporated Placer County.

  2. Gold Country Stage Lines

    Learn about this convenient bus service.

  3. Health Express

    Health Express is an advance reservation, shared-ride, non-emergency medical transportation service for residents of Placer County.

  4. Highway 49

    Learn about historic Highway 49 and the Grass Valley Highway.

  5. Historic Highway 40

    Gather information about historic Route 40.

  6. Interstate 80

    Interstate 80 is a major transcontinental corridor connecting California and New York City.

  7. Placer County Dial-A-Ride

    Learn about the convenient service provided by Placer County Dial-A-Ride.

  8. Placer County Transit

    Find maps and information related to Placer County transit services.