The Investigations Department is responsible for conducting investigations into major crimes, including but not limited to follow-up on reports taken by patrol officers and preparing cases for prosecution.  They investigate both crimes against persons and property crimes. The detectives also work to pro-actively address crime trends throughout the city and disseminate information to patrol staff.  The Investigations Department works collaboratively with officers and investigators from law enforcement agencies throughout Placer County, and at times other law enforcement agencies within the region including local, state and federal. This collaboration allows our investigators to coordinate cases and to share information regarding crimes and crime trends that affect not only The City of Auburn and Placer County, but other counties in our area.

Members of the Investigations Division receive extensive training in their area of specialization in addition to cross training in other areas.

Each case is assigned a detective. If you are not sure which detective is assigned to your case or have questions involving an active investigation, please contact the Records Department.

If you are a victim, several resources are available to you including:

Placer County Victim/Witness Assistance 

Placer County Bad Check Program

California Victim Services