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The Administration & Engineering Division contains the Public Works management team as well the engineering section. The Engineering section plans, develops and oversees the construction of public facilities, roadways and Capital Improvements for city projects. The engineering section oversees private Land Development reviews for projects within the City as well as the Stormwater Management Plan.

Public Works is responsible for the issuance of the following:

The Engineering Division also oversees Solid Waste Management and Recycling

Capital Improvement Program

The City of Auburn's Capital Improvement Program (CIP) process is managed by the Department of Public Works. The Program consists of projects aimed at improved the City's public infrastructures such as streets, transportation issues, sewer and storm drains and public buildings. The CIP is a multi-year planning instrument. The 5 Year CIP is used by City Staff as a guide for project prioritization to accomplish community goals. The CIP is updated annually to allow for projects that have been completed, changing priorities, new priorities, and funding availability to be reflected in the document.

The objectives used to develop the CIP include:

  • To preserve and improve the infrastructure of the City of Auburn through capital construction, rehabilitation and maintenance;
  • To identify and examine current and future infrastructure needs and establish priorities among projects so that available resources are used to the City's best advantage;
  • To improve financial planning by comparing needs with resources and identifying potential fiscal implications.

The development of the CIP is a collaborative process. The Department of Public Works collaborates with the City's Departments to establish and review the list of projects. The projects are prioritized for inclusion in the CIP.
The City Council adopted the 2012/2013-2016/2017 Capital Improvement Program on November 19, 2012 by Resolution 12-125.
Adopted 2012/2013- 2016/17 Capital Improvement Program

Ten Year Pavement Maintenance & Management Plan
The Public Works Department has completed the Road Overlay Report for FY 2013/14 FY 2022/23. The report was approved by the City Council on August 12, 2003. The Public Works Department will begin implementing the ten year plan to maintain the City of Auburn Roadways.
Approved 2013-14 2022-23 Road Overlay Report

Stormwater Management Plan

The City of Auburn has developed a stormwater management program to maintain compliance with state and federal regulations. Under the stormwater management program, the City will educate and involve the community in stormwater pollution prevention, regulate stormwater run-off from construction sites, investigate non-stormwater discharges and reduce non-stormwater run-off from municipal operations. The stormwater management program is managed by the Public Works Department.

Stormwater Management Plan (pdf. 681 KB)

Stormwater Management Plan Annual Reports:
2009 Annual Report (pdf. Zipped 16.MB)
2010 Annual Report (16.MB)
2011 Annual Report (42.9MB)
2012 Annual Report (21.4MB)
2013 Annual Report (10.1MB)

Report any unauthorized stormwater discharges please call 530-823-4237 or email

Land Development Review

Parcel Map or Final Map Review and Approval
When submitting a final or parcel map the applicant must include the following items:

  • Three copies of map
  • Closure calculations
  • Current preliminary title report (issued within the last six months)
  • Copy of grant deed(s) and/or parcel maps, final maps, or records of survey's for adjacent properties

Once the final or parcel map has been reviewed and accepted as correct by the City Engineer, the Public Works Department will prepare a staff report to City Council for approval of the map.
Prior to the Public Works Department scheduling the final or parcel map for City Council approval, all fees must be paid, bonds posted, and subdivision agreement signed.
Once the City Council has approved the final or parcel map, the City Clerk and City Engineer will sign the map, and the map will then be forwarded on to the Placer County Recorder's Office.
Once the map is with the county, the developer must make arrangements to get the tax certificate to the Clerk of the Board (at Fulweiler Avenue).
In addition, the developer must pay the recording fees to Placer County Recorder's Office.

Improvement Plan Review

When submitting subdivision improvement plans to the Public Works Department, the following items must be included:

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Improvement Plan Review

When submitting subdivision improvement plans to the Public Works Department, the following items must be included:

Commercial and Industrial Site Improvement Plans

The following items must be submitted for review and approval prior to the Building Permit being issued:

New Subdivision Improvement Plans

When submitting subdivision improvement plans to the Public Works Department, the following items must be included:

The drainage study should:

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City Design and Construction Standards

You can pick up the City of Auburn Standard Specifications at: