Auburn Police Department

Police Chief's Community Advisory Council

Police Chief Kinnan knows that utilizing the Community-Oriented Policing philosophy and the Problem-Oriented Policing strategy to better serve all of our community is extremely important and worthwhile. At a recent City Council meeting, Chief Kinnan announced the Auburn Police Department's newest program, the Police Chief's Community Advisory Council. It is through our ability to connect with those who live, work, and play in the City of Auburn that we can better understand and serve the needs of everyone.

The mission of the Community Advisory Council is to act as a resource for the Chief of Police in the formation of strategies, development of policing concepts, and increase the community’s awareness regarding policing issues, as well as policy issues. If you are further interested in participating in this groundbreaking program and being in inaugural member of the Police Chief's Community Advisory Council program feel free to submit an application.

Community Action Team 

Our Community Action Team plays a significant role in addressing larger community issues, specifically addressing our community's homeless situation. Our team works closely with the Placer County Probation Department and Placer County Health and Human Services, along with other groups with in our community. In 2019, our team developed a three year strategic plan that focused on using statistical data that will help us to identify what our issues and needs are as it relates to homelessness in the City of Auburn.  The strategic plan and staff report were presented to City Council and quarterly updates are provided to City Council and our community via the City Council meetings.

Our Community Action Team shares much of their work via our social media platforms. If you are interested in knowing more about the Auburn Police Department check us out on our Facebook page, Twitter, and Instagram.

Auburn Police Department's new CAD and RMS system

July 2020 was a tremendous month for the Auburn Police Department. After many years of having to work with aging dispatching programs and a records management system that lacked many contemporary tools, we are finally in a new contemporary computer aided dispatch and records management system. We are very excited for these new tools and advanced technology that will help us improve our effectiveness and efficiency.

The new CAD/RMS will also allow us to provide information to the community and make information more readily accessible by the community. New programs, such as CitizenRIMS, are in the works and these tools will help us better serve the community. Stay tuned for more information about these programs.