Auburn Municipal Airport

Auburn Municipal Airport and Industrial Park serves Auburn and the surrounding area. The facility is owned by the City of Auburn and totals approximately 285 acres, with 80 acres within the industrial park complex.

Existing uses include an airport, airport related businesses, and an assortment of light manufacturing businesses. The airport is above the fog and usually clear year-around.

Airport Information

  • Identifier: KAUN
  • Elevation: 1536
  • AWOS: 119.375
  • FSS: 122.3
  • CTAF: 122.7
  • NORCAL Approach: 125.4/127.4
  • Pattern Altitude:
    • Fixed Wing- 2500 MSL
    • Rotorcraft- 2100 MSL
    • Ultralight- 2000 MSL
  • Runway Length: 3700 feet
    • 240-foot overruns each end
  • Runway Orientation: 25/07
  • Published GPS Approach: Available for Runway 07


Runway 25 Departure

Noise Sensitive - 20 degree left turn at departure end of runway,  safety permitting.

Runway 7 Departure

Climb straight out to 2500 MSL on runway heading.

Traffic Pattern

Fixed Wing

  • TPA 2500 MSL, left traffic both runways.
  • Use standard pattern entries of 45 degrees.
  • For closed traffic, comply with AIM procedures.


  • TPA 2100 MSL, all patterns south of the airport.
  • Remain east of Highway 49; north of Bell Road.
  • Left traffic runway 25, right traffic runway 7.

Ultra Light

  • TPA 2000 MSL, all patterns north of the airport.
  • Keep pattern tight and plan landing to turn off at midfield taxiway.