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The City of Auburn welcomes you to its business community. Starting a business can be exciting and challenging. We wish you success in your new venture!  APPLY, RENEW & PAY YOUR BUSINESS LICENSE ONLINE TODAY!

The City of Auburn established an ordinance (Chapter 33: Finance, Licensing and Taxation) that requires every business within the City to be licensed and to pay the business license tax, as set forth in the ordinance.

If you are planning on opening a business located in City of Auburn, or doing business within the City’s limits, you must obtain a business license.

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For questions regarding new business licenses and renewal business license, view the Business License Frequently Asked Questions below.

Renew a License

Businesses may renew licenses online, by mail, or in person.

Note: Business license renewals for the new fiscal year will be mailed before the end of May.
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Close a License

Businesses may close their licenses online, by mail, or in person.

Refund Policy

Business License fees are nonrefundable.

Privacy Policy

Your business license is a public record and the information provided in your business license application is subject to disclosure under the California Public Records Act, except financial information, social security or tax ID numbers, and other information as specifically exempted under the Act. When you pay for your City of Auburn business license renewal through this web site, we request your credit card number, card expiration date, billing address, and email address. This private information is not part of your business license record and is not subject to disclosure. Your credit card information and billing address are used only for the limited purpose of processing your payment. Your email address is used only for the limited purposes of administering the business license web site and sending you notifications about your business license that may be of interest to you. This information is not shared with anyone and is stored on a secure server to protect your information from outside parties.

AB1379 Compliance

Disability Access Requirements
On October 11, 2017, Governor Jerry Brown signed into law, AB 1379. This assembly bill amends section 4467 of the Government Code, relating to disability access. On and after January 1, 2018 through December 31, 2023 a $4 state fee will be imposed on any applicant for a local business license or a renewal and is to be collected by cities. If a business license or its equivalent is not issued by cities then the $4 fee is imposed on an applicant for a building permit.
The purpose of the fee is to increase disability access and compliance with construction-related accessibility requirements. Additionally, the fee assists local jurisdictions in supporting the Certified Access Specialist (CASp) program and provides the Division of the State Architect (DSA) with funds to maintain oversight of the CASp program.
You may obtain information about your legal obligations and how to comply with disability access laws at the following agencies:

Division of the State Architect

Department of Rehabilitation

California Commission on Disability Access

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Important Applications & Forms

Helpful Links:

 Sellers Permit - State Board of Equalization, 1-800-400-7115 or

 Fictitious Name Statement, Placer County’s Recorder's Office, (530) 886-5600 

 Placer County Environmental Health, (530) 745-2300

 Employer Registration–State Employment Development 800-300-5616 or

 State/Corporate Income Tax – State Franchise Tax Board 800-852-5711 or

 Federal Income Tax – Internal Revenue Service 800-829-1040 or

 State Contractor License Board – 800-321-2752 or

California Department of Alcohol Beverage Control – 916-419-2500

California Pawn & Secondhand Dealer System (CAPSS) 916-227-6400

Secretary of State – Business Programs Division 916-653-6814