Transient- Homeless Task Force

In December of 2017, the City Council established a Transient- Homeless Task Force.
The Transient – Homeless Task Force is a committee of 11 members appointed by the City Council: 5 community members, 3 business leaders, 2 City Council members and 1 Auburn Police Department representative. It was established to assess the population and current crime stats to better understand the target group related to homelessness, transients, and panhandling. The task force will also create a process and forum to solicit ideas from the Auburn community and identify related problems. They will also be tasked with reviewing the County and other local cities ordinances related to the issues to ensure the City is consistent or as stringent as surrounding communities. 

This Task Force created a final report to Council. You can read it here. Click here to view the Transient - Homeless Task Force's presentation slides used during the Final Report to Council. You can also watch the report to Council here.  


John Ruffcorn, Auburn Police Department

Daniel Berlant, Auburn City Council

Matt Spokely, Auburn City Council

Keith Estes, AABPA Rep

Mary Williams O'Brien, OTBA Rep

Brandi Matteoni, DBA Rep

Community Members: 

Randi Swisley

Kathy Baxter

Antoinette Fabela

Robb Moore

Robert Kiseleff


TBD on Day and Time of meetings. Meetings will be held at Auburn City Hall, 1225 Lincoln Way.