Auburn On-Demand Service

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Auburn On-Demand is a city provided ride-share service.  Through an App you are able to request a pickup at a location and destination of your choice. Our bus will then pick you up and take you to your requested destination.

Its simple, just follow the directions to download the app, and hop on the bus!

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No-Show Policy for Auburn On-Demand Transit Service

The City of Auburn Transit Department has approved the implementation of a No-Show Policy for Auburn On-Demand trips. A no-show is when a rider does not take a scheduled ride and the driver goes to the stop and waits for the rider(s). If a ride needs to be cancelled, the Auburn Transit Department encourages customers to cancel their rides using the Trans-Loc App or by calling our Transit Dispatch line. This needs to be done prior to when the driver arrives.  Starting May 1, 2023, missing a minimum of three (3) trips in a calendar month is considered repetitive no-show behavior. If a rider presents repetitive no-show behavior, they will be provided with written notification of their impending suspension and the severity of their penalty.  The penalties are described below:

    1st month – Passenger will receive a phone call and a letter to review the policy and rider expectations.

    2nd month – Seven (7) day suspension

    3rd month – Fourteen (14) day suspension

    4th month and after – increasing penalties by one (1) week up to one (1) month suspension.

    Penalties will reset after a year period from the first warning letter.

How to use the Auburn On-Demand App (TransLoc)

  Android App Link Opens in new window                   iOS App Link Opens in new window 

Detailed Instructions:

What you need to get started:

An iPhone or Android smartphone with access to the App Store or Play Store

Follow these easy steps to get started:

    1. Download the TransLoc app.
    2. Sign up: First name, email, phone number and password.
    3. Set up your account: 
    4. Book the trip: Make sure your origin is correct, then select your destination. Then request your trip.
    5. Pay for trip: credit/debit card. You can also pay cash when you enter the vehicle
    6. If you do not have access to smart phone you can call 530-906-3171 to schedule a ride with Auburn On-Demand service.

Standard data rates apply.

How it works:

Book your trip in the TransLoc app and pay through TransLoc or pay exact fare upon boarding the vehicle, Driver does not provide change.

Passes or transfers are not excepted. Transferring from Auburn Loop bus to Auburn On-demand requires a fare. Transfer cards are currently not being issued.

For Questions, please call (530) 906-3171