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1. How do I submit my Business License Application?
2. Do I need a Home Business Permit?
3. What are the fees for obtaining a new business license?
4. My business is Massage, what documentation is required at the time of application?
5. If I need to make a change to my business license, what do I do?
6. My business license expired; do I owe a penalty fee?
7. I have received my Business License Renewal, how do I calculate the amount due?
8. Can I renew my license online?
9. I only conduct business online and do not have customers coming to my home or office. Do I still need a business License?
10. My business address is in Auburn, but I only do paperwork in my Auburn location. All of business is conducted in other cities and counties. Do is still need a business license?
11. My business is location in Auburn, but I also conduct business in other cities and counties. Do I need a business license for each city and county?
12. Do I need a business license even if I conduct business on a part-time basis?
13. Will I receive a business license renewal notice?
14. I am no longer doing business in the City of Auburn and want to close my business license.
15. Do I need a business license if my business is Non-Profit or Exempt?