The Auburn Police Department is plays a significant role in the safety and quality of life for our community. This being said, we rely heavily on our community members and those who live, work, and play in the City of Auburn to help us keep our community safe.

Providing our community members with appropriate resources and opportunities to report crimes, suspicious activities, and to better connect with the men and women of the Auburn Police Department are proven methods to improving our relationships and quality of life for the community.

Some of the Police Department's crime prevention programs are:

Crime Tips

Our law enforcement agency needs your help. If you have a tip that will help to solve a crime, please send it to us, anonymously if you wish, by calling Crime Stoppers at 800-923-8191 or visit their site here.

Crime Reports

Crime data from the Auburn Police Department’s computer system is automatically published to an online, interactive map. Citizens can also sign up to receive customized daily, weekly, or monthly updates on any number of crime types. This is a free service offered by the department.


ALPR is the Automated License Plate Reader system. This system allows for law enforcement to proactively locate stolen vehicles, gather investigative information to solve serious or violent crimes and to locate missing or wanted persons. See the policy for the ALPR here.