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Wildfire Risk & Fuels Report


  1. Fuel Modification Grants
  2. Grazing Projects
  3. Community Fuel Projects
  4. Fire Department Fuels Projects
Grant Name
Grantor Amount Status Initiated Completion
Auburn Shaded Fuel Break
Cal Fire $1,998,761
Awarded 9/16/19 In-Progress
American River Canyon
Middle Fork Project
$49,500 Awarded 9/10/18 9/20/18
American River Canyon- Gold Street
Middle Fork Project
$22,437.50 Awarded 10/29/18 11/1/18
American River Canyon- Tamaroo Drainage
Middle Fork Project
$20,000 Awarded 6/8/20 Complete
Bolstering American River Canyon- Virginia Street
CA Fire Safe Council
$140,000 Awarded 4/1/19 Complete 10/1/20
American River Canyon- Blackstone
Middle Fork Project
$24,5000 Awarded 6/8/20 Complete
American River Canyon- Eagles Nest Middle Fork Project $49,500 Awarded 4/1/20 Complete 10/1/20
American River Canyon- Aeolia/Olive Orchard Middle Fork Project $49,500 Awarded 9/1/20 In-Progress
  1. Shaded Fuel Break
  2. WUI Inspections

American River Canyon Shaded Fuel Break

The Auburn City Fire Department in coordination with the Bureau of Reclamation, Cal Fire and California State Parks, has developed and implemented a fuel modification project know as the American River Canyon Shaded Fuel Break. This fuel reduction project encompasses both public lands and private lands and is strategically placed along the American River Canyon rim in effort to provide a "defense" against wildfire.