Economic Development

Economic Development is one of the most important functions of the City.  It implements, coordinates, and monitors policies and programs to improve the City's business climate. 

The City’s Community and Economic Development Department is focused on collecting, generating, and producing the best data we can get our hands on and posting it on our website.  We strive to provide a portal where developers, proprietors, and residents can learn about the community, current and past economic development projects, workforce data, economic sector data, and census data, along with the many incentives and advantages of choosing Auburn as their new home.  Our goal is to produce results that benefit the overall economic health of the City using an informed, flexible, innovative, and deliberate approach.  Our desire is to become the standard that other communities look to when they want to see how economic development should be done.

The City of Auburn recently appointed a new City Manager and even more recently hired a new Community & Economic Development Director. With a combined total of well over 40 years of economic and planning experience, the City Manager and Community & Economic Development Director work as a team to develop the best strategy to achieve the highest possible economic gains given the conditions and limitations present in Auburn.  

The Community and Economic Development Department exists to create a proactive programmatic approach to economic development based on partnerships, innovation, and achieving positive results by implementing the shared values of eliminating barriers, developing trust, being proactive, and building success.  

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Looking to start your own business? Explore our website where we strive to provide comprehensive information on Auburn's Advantages and Industry Leaders as well as Innovation Assistance and Grants & Incentives opportunities to help you with your business needs. The City of Auburn's Business Portal is our City's primary online business resource where you will find useful information to help assist you in opening your business and navigating the City's permitting procedures.  Browser our Business Starter Kits to see which permits and processes may apply to your business.

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Auburn has gone from a quaint outpost of antiques to a vibrant city bubbling with outdoor enthusiasts and creative types making Auburn happen.  A new generation has moved in, and now the remaining antique stores mix with modern boutiques, art & culture, and further enhanced by award-winning breweries, wineries, and restaurants.