Inspections and Assessments

The mission of the City of Auburn Fire Department is to protect our community through effective and innovative public safety services. Responding to your call for help in the event of an emergency is our number one priority. We are also here for you when it’s not an emergency.  

One of our primary goals is to develop an effective community relations and education program that meets the needs of the community and supports the mission of the agency. To address this goal we are providing the following resources to improve our services and response to meet your needs. 

Inspection Services

The Auburn City Fire Department offers inspection services for various occupancies and events. Some of these include:
  • Building and Maintaining Occupancies
  • Business
  • Community Care Licensed Facilities
  • Educational Facilities
  • Insurance agency requests
  • Land Use
  • New development
  • Special Events that use open flame devices, large numbers of persons in attendance, vehicles in buildings, and places of public assembly
  • Wildfire Structure Assessments
  • Wildland Urban Interface Defensible Space Inspections


If you'd like to purchase a KNOX Box or other company products for either commercial or residential use, please click on the image below: