Capital Improvement Program

The City of Auburn's Capital Improvement Program (CIP) process is managed by the Department of Public Works. The Program consists of projects aimed at improved the City's public infrastructures such as streets, transportation issues, sewer and storm drains and public buildings. The CIP is a multi-year planning instrument. The 5-Year CIP is used by City Staff as a guide for project prioritization to accomplish community goals. The CIP is updated annually to allow for projects that have been completed, changing priorities, new priorities, and funding availability to be reflected in the document.


The objectives used to develop the CIP include:
  • To preserve and improve the infrastructure of the City of Auburn through capital construction, rehabilitation and maintenance
  • To identify and examine current and future infrastructure needs and establish priorities among projects so that available resources are used to the City's best advantage
  • To improve financial planning by comparing needs with resources and identifying potential fiscal implications
Approved Projects
The development of the CIP is a collaborative process. The Department of Public Works collaborates with the City's Departments to establish and review the list of projects. The projects are prioritized for inclusion in the CIP.

The City Council adopted the 2012-13 - 2016-17 Capital Improvement Program on November 19, 2012 by Resolution 12-125.
10 Year Pavement Maintenance & Management Plan
The Public Works Department has completed the Road Overlay Report for Fiscal Year 2013-14 through 2022-23. The report was approved by the City Council on August 12, 2003. The Public Works Department will begin implementing the 10 year plan to maintain the City of Auburn Roadways.