Create an Evacuation Plan

Your family evacuation plan should be prepared well before the event of a wildfire. 

Use the outline below to help create your plan.

Keep in mind, every family is different and no two evacuation plans will be the same.

What to Include in you Household Evacuation Plan

  • A designated meeting location that is outside of the fire hazard area. 
  • Learn your evacuation route options from your home and community. Stay up to date on road closures or construction. 
    • Practice these often so everyone in your family is familiar with these routes.
  • Have an evacuation plan for all of your pets
  • Fill out and print a family communication plan that can be accessed by everyone in the household. By designating an out-of-area point of contact, it allows for a single source of communication among family in case you are separated.
  • Download and print your evacuation checklist