Property & Evidence

The Property and Evidence Unit is responsible for the collection and storage of all property our police officers or crime scene investigators come across in the course of their duties. The Community Service Officers assigned to this unit respond to crime crimes scenes to photograph, sketch and collect evidence. The Property and Evidence Unit receives, stores, preserves, and releases evidence as per legal requirements, which includes the destruction or disposition of evidence pursuant to law after a case is adjudicated. Staff in this unit also process evidence for fingerprints and trace evidence that can be submitted to a laboratory for further examination.

Claiming Property

To obtain your property that was found, or that was held for safekeeping, please contact the Property and Evidence Division to schedule and appointment to pick up your property.

If your property is being held as evidence in a case, the case must be concluded in court before the evidence can be released.

Report Lost or Stolen Property

To report lost or stolen property call the Police Department at 530-823-4234.