Short Term Rentals

Looking to generate extra income by renting a spare room? Find out how to stay compliant with your local rules and regulations.

Please review the City’s ordinance regulating Short Term Rentals here.

Administrative Permit:

1. Due to potential neighborhood impacts, an Administrative Permit is required to be circulated to your neighbors before renting your home. Neighbors are given a ten day appeal period in which they can object to the request. If no objections are received within the 10 day appeal period, the Administrative Permit is approved subject to the conditions found in the Auburn Municipal Code. If the Planning Department receives opposition to the permit request, the applicant may elect to forward the request to the Planning Commission for an additional processing fee. It is always recommended for the applicant to contact their neighbors before pursuing a Short Term Rental Permit.


1. The applicant will need to provide 1 on-site parking space for each guest room rented. This is in addition to the parking spaces required for the existing residential unit.

Business License:

1. All businesses operating within City Limits will require a business license.
2. Contact the Finance Department for more information.