Traffic Committee

Regular Meetings
  • 3rd Tuesday of odd months at 8:30am
  • Auburn City Hall
    1225 Lincoln Way, Room 10
    Auburn, CA 95603
  • Ken Anderson
  • Fred Vitas
  • Bridget Powers

  • John Ruffcorn
  • Bernie Schroeder

About the Committee

The Traffic Committee consists of the 1 City Council member, 1 Planning Commissioner, the Public Safety Director, and the Planning and Public Works Director. The committee reviews traffic and parking issues throughout the city.

Speed Bumps Prohibited

Please note that per Measure Q you can not request any type of speed bump:
  • § 70.70 Speed Bumps. The use or any kind of undulation device, commonly referred to as "speed bumps, " "speed humps, " "bypass humps" or the use of any concave axle-descending street device, commonly referred to as "street dips" or "speed dips, " for any purpose is hereby prohibited on all streets, roads and other public thoroughfares within the City of Auburn. (1973 Code, § 4-4.1701) (Ordinance 99-2, effective March 26, 1999)

More Information

If you have any questions, please email Amy Lind or call her at 530-823-4211, ext. 112.