Stormwater Quality Management



Report Illegal Dumping or Discharge

If you observe any occurrences of stormwater violations or are unsure of something that you see going down a storm drain, call our Stormwater Hotline at 530-823-4237 to report it. Your call will be directed to the City of Auburn’s Police Department's non-emergency dispatch, where the information will be collected by City staff. Reports of any stormwater-related incidents are welcome and help the City of Auburn protect its creeks using the public's eyes. Just remember, nothing but rain should go down a storm drain!

Do you know how storm water is handled? Are you using all the best practices to keep our water safe? The City is seeking to gauge our community’s knowledge and perception of storm water handling to focus on areas of public education that is most needed. Take this survey so that the City can set priorities for storm water management, drainage practices and programs in the City.

Contact City staff

If you would like additional information about the City's
Stormwater Management Program, contact the Public Works Department
at 530-823-4211, ext.134

What is Stormwater?

Every time it rains, water flows down the gutter into the storm drain and out to the creek. This flow of water is stormwater. Water flowing into our creek doesn’t just come from rain, other discharges called “non-stormwater runoff” come from a variety of places, such as over watering a lawn, hosing down a driveway, and even washing a car.

How stormwater affects our community

Often, stormwater and non-stormwater runoff contain pollutants that harm our creeks and streams, and the wildlife that live there. As rainwater and other discharges flow across the ground they pick up harmful contaminants like fertilizers, pesticides and dirt. When the rainwater hits our streets, the water mixes with waste oil, automotive fluids and plant debris. Unlike the wastewater we put down our sinks and toilets, stormwater flows to our waterways untreated. Stormwater pollution prevention is everyone’s responsibility.

Stormwater Quality Management Program

In compliance with state and federal requirements, the City of Auburn has developed a stormwater management program. The goals of this program are to:
• Prevent stormwater pollution
• Protect and enhance water quality in creeks and wetlands
• Preserve beneficial uses of local wateways
• Comply with State and Federal regulations
• Educate the public about stormwater impacts

Under this program, the City educates the community in stormwater pollution prevention, regulates stormwater run-off from construction sites, investigates non-stormwater discharges and reduces non-stormwater run-off from its own municipal operations.

Stormwater discharges to local creeks from the City’s stormwater conveyance system are regulated under the State’s General Permit for Small Separate Municipal Storm Sewer System (MS4) The General Permit effectively prohibits the discharge of materials other than storm water except those that are “authorized” or those permitted by a separate State permit. Through the implementation of best management practices (BMPs), contaminant loads in both stormwater and non-stormwater discharges are reduced.

EPA Stormwater for the Construction Industry

What You Can Do To Prevent Stormwater Pollution

Best Management Practices At Your Home
Residential Pollution Prevention

Best Management Practices (BMPs) for Construction Sites

The issuance of the State General Permit included requirements for all new and redeveloped projects, namely, the inclusion of Low Impact Design (LID) elements, and hydromodification requirements.

In an effort to provide a consistent approach to the design requirements of the new permit, the City of Auburn partnered with the County of Placer, the City of Roseville, the City of Lincoln, and the town of Loomis to produce the West Placer Storm Water Quality Design Manual.

West Placer Storm Water Quality Design Manual and Templates are available here.

West Placer Storm Water Quality Design Manual
West Placer Small Project Only Template
West Placer Stormwater Quality Plan Template

City of Auburn Grading Ordinance, and Stormwater Management and Discharge Control Ordinance available here.

Chapter 53 Stormwater Management and Discharge Control
Chapter 155 Grading, Erosion and Sediment Control